Harwood Grilled Salad With Steak and Bacon Dressing


1. Lettuces Romaine, 2 heads
2. Bacon Dressing, 12 FO
3. Cotija Cheese, 4oz
4. Bacon diced, 4oz
5. Butter crostinis, 8 slices
6. Steak sirloin, 20oz (four steaks)
7.Olive Oil 8 tbls
8. One Tomato
9. One Baguette
10. Salt, 3 Tbls
11. Paprika, 2 Tbls


1. Cut romaine head in half length wise and baste with olive oil and seasoning.

2. Place firmly on grill starting at 10 o’clock and then rotating to 2 o’clock after about two minutes making diamond marks on romaine.

3. Place on a plate with grill marks up.

4. Add dressing on top(about 3oz per salad and add bacon and cotija cheese.

5. Place two crostinis in a fan on one empty corner of plate.

6. Grill Steak to desired doneness and let rest for 2-4 min to retain its juices. Once rested, cut steak into 6-8 pieces and place on top of salad.

7. Garnish with a slice of tomato that has been cut half way up the slice and fanned.

8. Clean bias cuts that show the steak’s interior are key. Make sure that there aren’t drippings on the plate.

9. Cut baguette on the bias and lather with olive oil, sprinkle with salt, paprika and a bit of chopped parsley (or other herbs)


Recipe by Chef Genardo Zurita, Oswego Grill



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