Boiled Artichokes



Use one large artichoke per person for a full serving or if served as an appetizer.

 If serving whole, slice the stem off flush with the base of the artichoke. Remove the small lower leaves. If needed, use scissors to cut off any large thorny tips. The stem is edible and can be eaten by cutting off the fibrous outer layer and cook with the artichoke.

If serving half an artichoke, remove the small lower leaves, any thorny tips and cut the fibrous layer off of the stem (do not remove stem). Carefully cut the artichoke in half.


Fill a non-aluminum pot with enough water to cover the artichokes and add one tablespoon of olive oil. Place artichokes in the pot and bring the water to a simmer. Place a heat resistant plate over the artichokes to keep them submerged.

Cooking time from simmer is about twenty minutes for whole and fifteen minutes for half artichokes. Check five minutes before above time and test for doneness. They are done when the outer leaves come off easily and the pulp on the leaf base is tender. Also, a knife inserted into the artichoke heart should have only slight resistance. If not done, continue to cook for additional five minute increments until done.

Remove the artichokes from the pot and allow to drain upside down in a colander.


Serve on plates with a side of melted butter or mayonnaise. For a special treat, serve with homemade aioli or hollandaise sauce. Provides guests with a large bowl for discarding leaves and a spoon to remove the choke.


Recipe by David Musial



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