Apple Pear Arugula Salad

Ingredients Needed


16oz of Arugula Salad
12oz of red seedless grapes
2 Ripe, but Firm Green Pears
2 Medium Gala Apples
6oz Candied Walnuts
6oz Of Gorgonzola Cheese
5oz of Fresh Asparagus
20oz of Chicken Breast


24oz water
1 Tbls Salt
1oz lemon juice


½ cup of Lemon juice

2 Tbls of Honey 
2 Tbls of Chopped Garlic

¼ Tbls of Lemon Zest
¼ Tbls of Salt
1 cup of Olive Oil

Steps and Preparation for Salad

1) Bring to boil 16 oz of water an 1 Tbls of Salt, once boiling blanch asparagus for 2min
and then place directly in an ice bath for later use.

2) Rinse salad and dry and place in a dry mixing bowl.

3) Rinse fruit and proceed by halving the 12oz of grapes, and julienning the apples and
pears into ¼ inch slices after removing the cores.

      - To remove core, cut the two opposing sides off of the fruit and than the remaining
two smaller sides leaving a square core to discard.

4) Place apples and pears in a bowl with 1oz lemon juice and 8oz of water so fruit doesn’t oxidize.

5) Proceed by making dressing, and once the dressing is ready you can grill the seasoned chicken breast to make sure it is warm and grill the asparagus to finish with grill marks.  

Dressing Instructions

1) In a bowl combine all ingredients except olive oil and pulse with a hand blender to smooth.

2) Once smooth, slowly drizzle olive oil while blending to add volume
and incorporate into dressing.

Salad Assembly Instruction:

      In salad bowl combine fruit, salad, dressing, and chopped grilled chicken and toss.
Garnish on top with gorgonzola cheese, walnuts and asparagus.



Recipe by Chef Genardo Zurita, Oswego Grill 



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